The most popular trends for feature walls

trending feature wall

A great feature wall commands attention, therefore it’s a good idea that before you create a new feature wall you give it some deep consideration. You need to make the wall unique, creative and eye-catching. It also has to match in with the existing room interiors and outside facade, otherwise, it will look detached from the rest of the building. Above all else, it needs to look good!

The whole process of choosing a style of feature wall can be confusing and overwhelming. The wall you are dealing with might be a structural wall such as a timber feature wall, or it may simply be an interior wall that you wish to add interest and decoration to.

Here are our tips on what to consider and what’s trending in feature walls:

Timber feature walls

Wood is the perfect material to use for feature walls. Reclaimed wood has a homely, rustic feel to it. The wood has plenty of character and charm, so it adds plenty of interesting visuals to the room. Timber screens also offer privacy or separation of space, as well as a nice feature. You can leave the wood raw or stain it and then add a glossy sealant over the top if you like the glossy look. 

Adding texture

Adding some visible texturing to a wall will boost the appearance of the room. Texture can work well if you need to apply focus to a narrow room. Blues, greens and turquoises offer a nautical look and are best suited to a bathroom or laundry. Using bright colours will give you an attention-grabbing feature wall.


Blue and white agate

This creative idea is to use the natural outcrop of agate. It may end up being a little impractical to replicate the look in every home. Still, the design and the pattern serve as an inspiration. The occasional highlights and the soft blues play well with the otherwise stark white surroundings. Consider using agate as a feature wall in your entryway, or at the end of a long hallway.

Rustic appeal 

If you’re looking for a more rustic design, then consider going with cobblestone capping on your feature walls. This design will give the room a country feel that is pleasant and relaxing.

Going with monochrome

Contrasting colours used as a feature wall can transform a room. Black and white is a simple option, but contrast also works well with so many colours and shades. When you do it correctly, any room can look like it has a high price tag.

Creating a photo wall

You can celebrate your most important memories by creating a feature wall that is made out of photos of your family and friends. You can use baby pictures, holiday pictures or even the kid’s artworks can be displayed on a feature wall. If this is the style you want, it’s probably best to choose a simple base and something that won’t be permanently damaged as you change and update photos and artwork over time.

Around the world

How about a world map! Maps look great, and they add so much interest and spark conversations about travels. If you like simple tones, then consider getting an old black and white map blown up to use as a feature wall. If you want bright and colourful, you can simply use the coloured version which packs in plenty of different colours. Using a world map can also serve as an educational tool for children.


The checkers print is used in a wide range of colours and patterns. The checkered pattern has a lot going on so it suits best for tidy rooms. Adding the checker’s design to your home adds a little English charm to the house.

Child’s play 

Creating a playbox feature wall is a great option for those who have children. You can divide up a feature wall with grids of bright coloured boards and cubes. The colour and design act well as a feature wall in children’s rooms, playrooms, or the living room. The best past is that it encourages the kids to get organised and keep things tidy!