Ways To Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel

All of us dream about our next vacation and staying at a lavish hotel free of clutter and regular mess. Try out these suggestions to make your house feel a bit more like a holiday and a bit less like a hassle. Think of your favourite hotel and try to replicate that feeling in your room, perhaps it is the luxury resort you stayed at in Tasmania or the secluded bungalow in the outback.

1. Clean your Sheets More Frequently: Though many resorts do their very best to conserve water and are not washing your sheets as frequently as they used to, we are going to guess it may still be more regularly than lots of busy homeowners. Adhere to a program such as washing once a fortnight. There is nothing like the feeling of slipping into crisp, fresh smelling sheets. Want more? Invest in several hotel quality sheets set with a high thread count and in dull colours and patterns. Changing up the leaves will make you excited and happy, that fresh hotel feeling will never be forgotten.

2. Less Media: If you are on the street, it’s simple to consume yourself from the world about you and, we do not feel as concentrated on our house too often. Save the iPod for the gym, turn the TV off and read a book on your fresh bed or sip on a cup of tea by the window. Another option is to go out and about for a stroll in the area for some fresh air, instead of slouching in front of the TV.

3. Clean and declutter: It’s simple to gather things we enjoy, but do not always adore. It typically occurs when there’s a purchase hint around, or somebody presents you something that though pretty, is not entirely your preference. Examine your room from the perspective of a paying client. If you would not pay to spend a night at an area in your home, adjust! Declutter, add light, dim lighting down or thrown open the curtains. Merely getting rid of odd bits and pieces that don’t entirely belong in your room will make it look more elegant and clean. Have organised baskets for laundry, kids toys and any other items that don’t have a home to keep the floors and room clean.

4. Stock Something Specific: choose a theme or item to be the focus of your room. Perhaps it is placing mini-sized products in the bathroom to make it hotel like, or just choosing a colour scheme or pattern to stick to. Small decorative additions such as pillows, rugs and a lovely armchair are starting points to creating a space that is homely but also stylish.

5. Clean Before the Weekend: The time spent at a hotel, though not long would be refreshing since it is clean and uncluttered. Our busy weekdays prevent us from having the luxury hotel feeling, so the weekend is a perfect time. When doing daily chores, put in that little extra effort especially on Thursday and Friday to start the weekend fresh. You will feel spoilt and relaxed in your own home when the bed is made, and the décor is simple just like the best hotels in Tasmania and around the world. Your weekends should feel like a holiday not house work days!