Why you should incorporate a timber feature wall for your interiors.

timber feature wall

Having a feature wall may appear a luxury to some people, but if you look at it as an investment, it can bring a lot of value to your residential or commercial property. 

Given the right commercial interior design, a timber feature could transform the space for your workers. Or in a home environment, a timber feature wall could elevate it from a stock standard property to a really special home with personality. 

Timber is versatile and timeless, and whether you want to make a statement out of it or it is providing a functional purpose, you won’t regret installing a timber feature wall. 

Here’s why you should incorporate a timber feature wall for your interiors:

It makes a dull room come alive

Timber feature walls increased in popularity in 2019. Because of its 3D effect and timber finish, timber battens as a feature stand alone wall has become what every interior designer craves for. It brings a natural element to the interior space, and has a trendy vibe about it. It always comes across as something creative and stylish to every guest when they see a feature timber wall. It gives any dull room some soul. 

It can be something remarkable

While a timber feature wall could be used in a functional sense, when it’s made from natural wood without much treatment it may also be a source of inspiration. It serves as a truly modern and innovative way of updating a space. Used in the right way it instantly exudes depth and contrast. Some people make their DIY project, however in most cases hiring an interior design company in Melbourne to advise you on how to install the feature wall would be your best option.

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Timber feature walls are versatile

There are so many different ways to utilise a timber feature a wall. It may be an external wall you are updating with a timber cladding feature, or it may be an internal wall that changes the layout and internal space of a building. Timber screens can be used as standalone dividers which act to separate rooms. They might be that area in the office space that you’ve been dying to do a makeover to give them a touch of something natural. 

Timber instantly warms a room

There is something homely about timber materials. The colourings and hues of natural timber magically send vibes of warmth, kindness, and hospitality that many of us adore and make us feel instantly relaxed. When you have timber in your home or the office, it can give you a sense of balance. When used for an internal space timber provides a sense of the outside coming in, given it is from a natural source, so it makes you feel in touch with the outdoors. It may bring you a feeling that you’re free and safe in that environment. 

Create it yourself 

Many homeowners consider this as a DIY project. Using the best-recycled timber to add accents to a feature wall could be a great project to take on, and a cost effective way to update your home. A featured wall with timber completes the look of modernized eclectic interior space, a long way from looking flat and boring from an audience’s point of view. You may even source the materials from your own backyard, or explore used timber that other people have discarded as it may have some history, and add drama and personality.  

Helping with acoustics

The wood’s composition is made up of a network of interlocking wood cells that converts sound energy into heat energy by the cells’ frictional resistance and through its cells’ structural vibrations. Therefore timber performs great in an acoustic sense. Applying this to a room where there is a lot of communication or performances, a timber feature wall may provide a functional element, as well as looking lovely and creating an intimate space.

In all its complexities, wood is one of the greatest discoveries of all time. It’s a material that can be shaped, sawn, smoothed down, cut, carved, and embellished. Construction-wise it is easily nailed and glued for fixing. Varnishing it will make it last longer. You can probably see why timber feature walls continue to be so popular!